Thing 17 – Exploring Podcasting

A podcast is sort of like an online radio show, except the listeners get to decide when and where they want to listen.

The term “podcast” stands for Portable On-Demand Broadcast.  And you Don’t Need an iPod to list to or create a podcast! Having an iPod (or similar portable device) simply makes listening to podcasts (and other media, such as music, audiobooks and videos) really convenient (Paul, 2010).

iTunes is a free application for Mac or PCs.  It organizes and plays your digital music and videos on your computer.  It syncs your media with your iPod, iPhone, and Applie TV.  And it’s a store on your computer, iPod touch, iPhone, and Apple TV that has everything you need to be entertained.  Anywhere, anytime.

iTune is the best way to enjoy your music and video with your PC, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Use iTune to import CD or download songs and videos from the iTune store.  Make play lists for any occasion.  Burn play lists to CD’s and play them on your home or car stereo. Sync your media with iPod, iPhone, or iPad to enjoy it on the go, or play your collection on your TV with Apple TV.

Podcast is a good way to share information.  I plan to use this format to help our school’s professional development committee to provide professional development opportunities for our colleagues, which will allow them to engage in online activities it their leisure.

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